Bus fleet
In a fast-paced world, you need solutions that are just as fast and efficient. Especially when you want
 to go beyond the limits imposed by the distances. With Sky Tour Moldova you can send parcels quickly and 
in complete safety on the route   M o l d o v a - F r a n t a - I r l a n d a   and return.

Whether you want to send something to your loved ones, whether you want to transport personal belongings 
in case of a move or you need an international courier M o l d o v a - F r a n t a - I r l a n d a   
and return for any other need, Sky Tour Moldova is your partner trust.

For the Sky Tour Moldova team, international parcel transport is second nature. With decades of experience
 and our own fleet with all the necessary logistical and technical systems, we are ready to help you and deliver easily.

At the same time, we want to offer our customers a delightful, safe and comfortable experience,
 that's why the Moldova - France minibus trips aim to offer some of the most modern and civilized international travel conditions.
Passenger Transport - SETRA Bus
The Setra coach is not only designed to conquer the roads - its aerodynamic 
design has earned it accolades in renowned world competitions. We put the 
safety and comfort of travelers first. When you travel with Sky Tour Moldova,
 you are guaranteed the best services. On board all our coaches, you benefit from
 free Wi-Fi, extra legroom, snacks and drinks, plenty of power outlets and generous 
luggage storage space.
Number of seats: 42
Parcel Transport

International freight transport arose with the birth of trade
world. Previously, it took a very large amount of time to
to deliver a specific product from near or far countries abroad.
Over time, due to the strong development of the transport industry,
this process has been greatly simplified. The Sky Tour Moldova team helps you with
transporting any package of any size, from envelopes to hundreds
of kilograms in full safety. Each package is transported safely and
accurately! Closer to simple people and with the lowest price!
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you!

Number of seats: 0